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Welcome to AC Heating & Cooling Service Inc , a family-owned company offering almost 2 decades of experience that is committed to providing an enjoyable service experience for you.

Our Passion

From the friendly voice greeting you on the phone until the service van pulls away from your home, AC Heating and Cooling Service Inc wants to provide you the best possible experience. We are constantly striving to exceed your expectations and believe that we are the best value in town. Our highly trained staff is qualified to service almost all makes and models of heating, cooling and ventilating equipment and provide warranty service on all brands.

AC Heating and Cooling Service Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What Makes Us Unique

Sometimes heating and cooling issues are straight forward, and sometimes they are the only the tip of the iceberg. We always prepare the immediate and obvious problem, but always carefully look at all parts of your system. This will be our approach on sales or service calls. Heating and cooling systems are complex with many distinct parts they get installed, repaired at different times. We are accurately aware of this at all time.


Featured Services

 Furnaces are an essential part of your heating system. When it comes to repairing and installing furnaces, AC Heating & Cooling’s HVAC technicians are experts in the field. A furnace is generally, permanently installed in your building to provide heat through fluid movement. If this goes out during the winter, it can make your employees ill and uncomfortable. We offer repair service as well as maintenance plans to ensure that your furnace is up and running in no time.
ac-heating-cooling-concord-services-2Summer is just about here. What’s the one thing you can’t afford to be without in the middle of a hot summer day? That’s right, your central air conditioning system. As much as homeowners try to make sure their HVAC systems are properly maintained, the extreme heat sometimes takes its toll and causes your cooling system to break down. When that happens, you need trustworthy and reliable experts who can get your air conditioner fixed ASAP and have you back inside the cool and comfortable home.
ac-heating-cooling-concord-services-3Is your refrigerator not working well? Well, come to us! We are able to fix many problems you might be having with your refrigerator, including: Freon leaks, poor cooling, ice build up on back wall or food, ice maker not making ice, water leakage inside or on the floor, strange noise coming from your refrigerator, or many other problems that call for a professional. AC Heating & Cooling Repair Services is available 24/7 at our local number!


The most important part of HVAC maintenance aspect is maintaining unrestricted air flows. Dust, dirt, and debris are an HVAC system’s worst enemies. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor unit, you must keep all filters clean and heat exchangers and coils free of restrictions.
In general, AC  Heating & Cooling Services recommends that you replace your disposable filters at least once a month. If you have washable filters, they should be cleaned once a month. Your AC Heating & Cooling Services technician will recommend a replacement schedule that delivers the optimum efficiency and filtration for your specific system. With a AC Heating & Cooling Services maintenance Plan, we clean and inspect your HVAC system twice each year. Part of the service includes changing the filters or servicing your filtering system. Unless you have special circumstances, our service should be adequate. We recommend that you visually check filters and filtering equipment monthly. If filters look dirty, they need to be cleaned or replaced.
You should have maintenance done on your air conditioning system at least once a year – spring to early summer being the best times. This not only ensures maximum efficiency, it enables us to foresee any possible problems that may occur in the near future.
Sizing HVAC equipment is very important from the standpoints of both comfort and energy use. Heating and cooling equipment that are over-capacity will not run as frequently or as long when it does run. In both cases, this may mean poor humidity control. It could also result in temperature variations or noticeable cycling. Over-capacity equipment will not be as energy efficient as properly matched capacity either. On the other hand, equipment that is under-sized, will obviously result in loss of comfort during temperature extremes.










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